Cleaning System



  • No persistent bioaccumulative or toxic chemicals
  • No phosphates
  • No ozone depleting compounds
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • No heavy metals
  • No carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens or reproductive toxins

GL Biodegradable Enzyme Detergent A

Contains a diverse enzyme package and biodegradable surfactants for superior performance in low temperature washing.

GL Oxygenated Bleach B

Concentrated color-safe liquid peroxide based bleach for whitening and deodorizing

GL Biodegradable Degreaser C

Biodegradable solvent based concentrated degreaser to aid the emulsification of oil and petroleum-based stains.

GL Biodegradable Softener D

Formulated with biodegradable ingredients for enhancing aesthetics and decreasing static on fabrics


Break 1

Conditions laundry wash water to facilitate break up of oily/fatty stains

Detergent 2

Superior blend of surfactants for enhanced stain lifting performance in high or low wash temperatures

Bleach 3

Concentrated traditional chlorine-based oxidizer for whitening, disinfection and deodorizing.

Sour 4

Restores natural fabric pH following washing with alkaline detergents and builders

Softener 5

Improves aesthetics and decreases static on fabrics

Degreaser 6

Concentrated degreaser to aid the emulsification of oils and petroleum based stains.

Greasy Gorilla™ 7

Heavy duty solvent degreaser that removes tar, bitumen, oil, grease and similar substances

Laundry Booster 8

Highly efficient detergent builder, pH regulator, and complexing agent that works with detergent and prevent redeposition of dirt to fabrics during wash cycle.

Oxygenated Bleach 9

Concentrated color-safe liquid oxygen bleach for whitening and deodorizing

Multipurpose Detergent

Formulated with proprietary SilverSync technology for long lasting deodorizing of fabrics.